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Interactive Puzzle

In 2009, the Friends of Ferny Creek commissioned the creation of an Interactive Puzzle Display to facilitate public consultation 
and awareness of biodiveristy in the Upwey Wildlife Corridor. 

The "We Need Every Piece of the Puzzle Display" is a 2.4m x 2.1m high, free standing 
display unit that depicts a collage of photos of the local area taken by local photograher 
Alex Maisey. Embedded in the photograph are 100 jigsaw puzzle pieces comprising 
10 shapes that depict the flora and fauna of Ferny Creek. 

In 2010, the Interactive Puzzle was launched at the Ferny Creek PS Fun Festival.  Children 
at the Festival engaged with the idea of biodiversity by removing a piece of the puzzle and 
responding to the question posed on the back of the animal or plant shape.  
They recorded their responses by colouring images of the puzzle pieces with their messages 
on how to help keep our local environment healthy.